Blogging Bombshell

Learn the proven, step-by-step system to build your own profitable blog in the next 30 days.

Ready to take your blog from being just a hobby to your full-time business?

That sounds like a dream, doesn't it? But here's the thing...

If you want to flourish as a blogger, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort it takes to grow your site from its starting point to a thriving business.

Otherwise, you'll be stuck exactly where you are right now:

Tired of watching everyone else pass you by and throwing all this money at your blog, just waiting until the day you make a profit.

Instead of waiting around, it's time to make a consistent income from that amazing blog of yours and it all starts with learning the three pillars of success.



Blogging Bombshell

Does this sound like you?

  • You're confused when it comes to creating a content plan for your blog. Instead of stressing about it every month, you want a solution that'll help you plan your content with ease to make sure you're appealing to readers.
  • Sitting on the sidelines and waiting for people to discover your blog just isn't working and you feel STUCK. You're ready to take action by implementing growth strategies that actually work so you can increase your traffic month after month.
  • And being a hobby blogger is getting a little old! You want to turn a profit and not just a few bucks here and there. You want real money that pays the bills and will allow you to live a life you love. But you're afraid you're just never going to make it happen.

Then Blogging Bombshell is for you!

Blogging Bombshell is a course that's designed to teach you the three pillars of a successful blog so you can build a profitable business online.

You'll learn exactly how to create a blog that everyone will want to bookmark. And it's all done in easy-to-understand lessons that make the process simple for you.

With Blogging Bombshell, there's no reason to stress yourself out by trying to learn things on your own. The tactics I've learned and implemented in 10 years of blogging are inside this course and it'll guide you along every step of the way.

Your Instructor

Rachel Moffett
Rachel Moffett

I'm Rachel! I've been blogging since 2009, with multiple websites under my belt. In that time, I learned what it takes to build a business and nurture it to success. And here's a spoiler: it didn't happen overnight.

I started making money online through ad networks, affiliate links, and sponsored posts. When I realized that wasn't sustainable and that it didn't allow me to have full control over my income, something needed to change. And that's when I directed my focus to my very own offerings: coaching and courses.

Yes, it took trial and error to become self-employed. But the good news is, I'm making the journey to becoming a successful business owner a little easier by packaging everything I've learned into my premium courses. Now, you can up-level your online income and start living the "best life" you've been dreaming of.

So, what will you learn?

✔︎ How to create a purpose-driven content plan: advice for determining your focus as a blogger and getting to know who your ideal reader is, how to set goals for your content and actually achieve them, tips for coming up with amazing content ideas readers will love, how to build a successful editorial calendar, and the step-by-step plan to creating blog posts that get read.

✔︎ Tips for designing your growth strategy: the simple tactics to get more traffic to your site month after month, how to promote your blog effectively on social media, all the SEO basics bloggers need to know, and how to create growth opportunities for yourself instead of sitting on the sidelines.

✔︎ How to develop a monetization plan: quick tips to keep in mind before you start monetizing, the top ways to make money online so your blog can stop being a hobby, and all the essential tactics to help you make more sales online.

It's a self-paced course, which means you can take all the time you need to work through the lessons. Plus, you'll have lifetime access to all the modules, including future updates.

"I was struggling to get clarity on my ideal client and the types of coaching services I wanted to offer, which was also impacting my clarity around blog post topics. Rachel is a great person to go to if you are seeking clarity around your business or blog. She helped me create a clear description of my ideal client, as well as what I wanted to help my client with,"

- Catherine B., past client and creator of TheBlissfulMind.com


Why Blogging Bombshell?

If you aspire to have a thriving, profitable blog, Blogging Bombshell is the one for you. It's jam-packed with all the actionable strategies you can use to finally see the results you've been dreaming about. Results in terms of a loyal, engaged audience and a consistent profit that takes your blog from hobby to business.

Everything shared in this course has been learned over years of experimenting with my own blogs so you don't have to do the same. It's an easy way to put your blog on the fast track to success because you can save yourself from all the guesswork.

From creating better content, mastering growth strategies, and monetization tips... All the blogging basics are right here inside Blogging Bombshell so you can make your first $1k and turn it into $5k, $10k, and even more!

Who is it for?

Bloggers Who Are Ready to Get Serious: You've already started your blog, but are still new to the process and feeling confused about how to take your site to the next level. You'll learn all the tried and true tips for creating content, building a loyal audience, and making money online.

This course is NOT for someone who isn't ready to take action. If the work you've been doing isn't getting you anywhere, it's a sign that you need to make a change. And that starts with investing in yourself and learning effective strategies to grow your audience and make money online.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Blogging Bombshell starts as soon as you enroll! You'll have immediate access to all of the lessons inside the course. And since it's self-paced, you can take your time completing all of the lessons. It's absolutely possible to finish everything within one month, but you'll always be able to refer back to the lessons since you'll receive lifetime access.
How long do I have access to the course?
You will receive lifetime access to the materials within Blogging Bombshell. What does that mean for you? It means you can log into the course today, tomorrow, and even one year from now. It's available to you whenever you need it the most.
How do I know if this will work for my blog?
Here's the thing... I started blogging back in 2009 as a fashion blogger, which couldn't be more different than what I do now. I've run three different websites, all of which have been successful based off the principles I teach inside this course. They're applicable for any type of blog, whether it's part of a service or product-based business and no matter the niche.

Struggling to come up with original content ideas each month, not sure how to use blog posts to build the KLT Factor and generate leads, growth is stagnant and not steadily increasing, and your income is non-existent or nowhere near the amount you need to go full-time.

Creating a content plan is easy peasy and now takes your readers on a journey to establish a loyal relationship with you, traffic and engagement are skyrocketing month after month, and your income is finally steady enough to make blogging your full-time gig

“Rachel is an amazing coach. She gave me knowledge, advice, and guidance. She made me feel excited to get started and continue with my business goals and ideas. My confidence is geared up and I can’t wait to move forward with my adventures,”

- Jill K., past client and blogger at LetsMomItUp.com

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The course starts as soon as you enroll! You'll gain immediate access to all the lessons!