Reboot Your Money Vibes

Connecting to the Frequency of Money in 30 Days Through High-Vibrational Tasks & Journal Prompts

Do you get filled with anxiety every time you even think about money?

The mere act of logging into your bank account leaves you filled with dread. And it's all because you're just not making the amount of money you want each month.

You aren't sure how to break through the plateau and up-level your income so you can start living the life you deserve.

And you've been putting in the work, but you're just not seeing the results you hoped for. Everyone else online seems like they're making money so effortlessly. So, what gives? What's stopping you from manifesting all that incredible cash flow?

Well, there's a good chance it's your money mindset that's been holding you back.

If you're feeling all the negative vibes when you think about money and you're constantly focusing on your lack of cash, you're never going to be someone who hears the sounds of PayPal notifications all day, every day.

To manifest an abundance of money, you need to become an energetic match for it.

But wait! What does that even mean? And how can you start calling in more money like, right now?

Well, you're in the right place, my friend.

Introducing... Reboot Your Money Vibes: A 30-Day Challenge to Connect With the Frequency of Money.

This challenge is designed to completely transform how you feel about money in just one month. It features journal prompts that will uncover any blocks that are keeping you resistant to money and gide you in calling in all the cash you want to start living your dream life.

There are also daily "High-Vibe Tasks" that will raise your energetic vibration so you can be a match for the money you want to manifest, whether that's $5k, $10k, $20k months or more! It's all up to you, babe!


Hey there, I'm Rachel!

And I'm your high-vibe, money manifesting host for the next 30 days. Which are going to completely change your life, by the way.

I've been running online businesses since 2009. Following all the best business advice and doing all the things I was "supposed to do." And sure, I found success that way. But I didn't achieve maximum success until I started adjusting my mindset. My mindset was holding me back from up-leveling due to limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears. I was standing in my own way.

It wasn't until I uncovered those blocks through journaling and working on myself that I was able to meet and exceed my desired financial goals each month. And if you've been putting in the work, but not seeing the rewards... There's a good chance your mindset is standing in the way.

Tell Me More About This Challenge...

Let me keep it real. I actually created this challenge for myself. You see, it doesn't matter how much money you make... Your money mindset is something you always need to work on if you want to keep taking your income to the next level, otherwise your growth will stall (or maybe even decline). And since I wanted to dedicate an entire month to my feelings around money, this challenge was born.

But I realized I simply could not keep all of this goodness to myself. I had to get you involved too! Because, you want to make more money, right?

So, let's talk about what's inside this money-making challenge.

What You'll Learn in Each Module:

There are four weekly modules that will address a specific area of your mindset around money. Each week will include journal prompts, high-vibe tasks, and mini trainings that will open you up to incredible abundance that you had only dreamed about before.

Week One: To kick things off, you'll be using journal prompts to set financial goals for the amount of money you want to manifest into your life, as well as declaring your intentions for that cash. It needs to serve a purpose in your life, right? Then, you'll find high-vibe daily tasks that will guide you in setting up healthy, abundance-attracting habits for the month ahead.

Week Two: Next, you'll move into uncovering and banishing all of the mental blocks that have been preventing you from attracting financial abundance into your life thus far. These journal prompts will have you really digging deep and releasing any limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears so they can no longer stand in your way. And the daily tasks will have you removing mental and physical obstacles so you can create energetic space for money.

Week Three: This is your time to start calling in that money, babe! There will be journal prompts that encourage you to envision your new life as the money making queen that you are, as well as daily tasks that are all about raising that vibration and feeling good in your everyday life. You'll learn how to move forward with full faith that the money you desire is on its way to you.

Week Four: Finally, you'll learn how to give thanks and step into a place of maximum gratitude. Because you can't manifest more good things if you aren't grateful for what you currently have, right? The journal prompts this week are designed to guide you in giving thanks for the manifestations that are on their way. Plus, the daily high vibe tasks will have you living the luxe life of someone who has met their financial goals with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will journaling help me with my money mindset?
Journaling is something I've been doing for a number of years now. And I can assure you that, when done right, it's a pretty amazing way to manifest what you want. That includes money. This challenge will have you using journaling as a way to dig deep and uncover what's been blocking your cash flow and script a new reality for your life. These prompts are strategically planned to help you give your mindset a complete makeover so you can attract abundance.
What are the High-Vibe Tasks like?
These tasks are designed to get you taking action toward your money goals Because, I'm sorry to tell you, you can't just sit on the couch and wait for money to show up in your life. Every day, you'll be encouraged to do something that's going to raise your vibration so you can get on the same energetic frequency as the money you want. Now, I don't want to give it all away. But I will say that these tasks will have you doing things like getting creative, spreading positivity to others, pampering yourself, engaging your subconscious while you work, and so much more.

The biggest reason you aren't making enough money is your mindset!

I mean, think about it... Do you feel like you're doing everything "right" when it comes to your business, but you still aren't seeing the financial success you've been craving?

You follow all the advice from the top experts in the entrepreneur world. You're getting to know your audience, consistently creating content on your blog, showing up on social media, and creating the offerings that will solve their problems.

But yet, your cash flow isn't exactly what you thought it would be.

And that's because you can implement all of the best business strategies there are and still fail to find success if you're stuck in a lack mindset. If you're too caught up in thoughts of not having enough money, you simply cannot expect to make more of it.

Instead, you need to shift into an energetic place of abundance. A place where you know you are capable of making the money of your wildest dreams. Where you know that you are deserving. And a place where your financial successes are a done deal because you trust it will be delivered to you in the best way possible.

And that's what Reboot Your Money Vibes is designed to do for you.

So, You Have Two Options:

Option 1: You could continue doing life as you are right now. Stressed out every time you look at your bank account, wondering when your big financial break will finally arrive, and watching everyone else pass you by. (With their fancy cars and designer handbags that you crave, no less!)

Option 2: Or you could take the next step toward manifesting all the money you've been dreaming about by signing up for this 30-day challenge. All so you can transform your life and become BFFs with money.

Get started now!